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aircon light problem

Table of Contents

Aircon is necessary for everyday life, especially in hot and humid weather. But, there are occasions when the indicator light on your aircon machine begins to flicker, signaling that something is amiss with the system. Knowing why your aircon unit’s light is flashing is critical to ensure it works correctly and prevents additional damage. 

If the LED on your aircon blinks, there is a malfunction. But don’t panic; most of the time, the issue can be resolved quickly. 

In this post, we’ll go through the most common reasons why your aircon’s light is flashing and what you can do about it. By being mindful of these difficulties, you can fix them quickly and guarantee that your aircon equipment runs efficiently, keeping you cool in hot weather.

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7 Reasons Why Your Aircon Light Is Blinking 

1. Inadequate Air Circulation

You may feel the aircon is not chilly if your air conditioning machine cannot circulate air effectively. This can be caused by incorrect aircon unit placement or an issue with the aircon drive motor. Check the user handbook for the problem code reported by the air conditioner.

Most manufacturers have enabled air conditioning models to display an error warning on the unit’s remote control or control panel display. If the trouble number is not included in the user handbook, you may need to hire an air conditioning maintenance provider.

2. Electrical Problem

An electrical problem is one of the most prevalent causes of an air conditioner’s light blinking. If the power to your unit is cut, the light may flicker. This is frequently the result of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

If you believe this, examine your home’s electrical panel and reset any tripped breakers. You may also need to repair any blown fuses. The indicator should cease flashing after you have restored power to your unit. If it does not, you may have a more serious electrical problem and should seek the aid of an experienced aircon servicing technician.

3. Air Circulation is Less

If your aircon cannot adequately circulate, you may notice it is not chilly. This might be because of a problem with the air conditioner’s drive motor or incorrect placement of the air conditioner itself. Check the user handbook to see what trouble code your air conditioner displays.

4. Clogged Air Filters

Clean aircon filters help the evaporator unit to operate more smoothly and to blast more clean and powerful air. When your air conditioner is not maintained, dust accumulates, making your aircon filters susceptible to clogging and aircon odour. To avoid airflow obstruction in the evaporator coil, clean your aircon filters at least once every three months. When the evaporator coils are neglected, they will freeze, resulting in water leaks. 

If a thorough cleaning is necessary, hiring a skilled specialist for an air conditioner chemical overhaul is best.

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5. Evaporator Coils That Have Frozen

If this alarm sounds, it is best to respond immediately since it might lead to an air conditioner leaking water emergency. A duct problem might also cause frozen evaporator coils.

To test whether your evaporator fan coils have frozen, open the front panel of your unit and look for a film of ice. If your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are frozen, the compressor may need to be momentarily turned off until the evaporator temperature increases. If the problem persists, contact an expert air conditioning service provider.

6. Low levels of refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are among the most prevalent causes of an air conditioner’s light flashing. The system cannot effectively chill the air when the refrigerant level is low.

Various factors, including a system leak, faulty installation, or misuse, can cause this.

If you believe your aircon is low on refrigerant, have it checked by an aircon servicing professional as soon as possible? Otherwise, you risk causing damage to the system or wasting energy.

7. It’s Time For Maintenance 

The flashing light may indicate that the air conditioner needs to be serviced. Try troubleshooting or contact an aircon maintenance firm like Singcool SG for clogged air filters.

While it may be appealing to ignore the problem, expecting it to go away, this is not a viable strategy. Ignoring the problem can worsen it, potentially leading to the unit’s ultimate disintegration. Make an appointment with a certified technician as soon as feasible.

When an aircon is not serviced regularly, it will develop problems and malfunction. As a result, it is critical to examine and maintain it frequently. If you need help, check out this aircon maintenance guide for homeowners. 

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Finally, a blinking aircon light should be addressed because it might signify severe problems with your aircon machine. Knowing the common causes of the blinking light and acting quickly to fix the issue will help avoid further damage and guarantee that your air conditioner performs appropriately.

Whether it’s a clogged filter, a refrigerant leak, or an electrical problem, it’s critical to obtain expert assistance when necessary. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will prevent costly replacements while keeping your air conditioning equipment cool and pleasant during hot weather. Recall that maintaining your air conditioning equipment extends its life, improves interior air quality, and saves you money in the long run.

As a leading aircon servicing company in Singapore, SingCool SG has provided air conditioning services in Singapore. We specialise in maintaining, repairing, cleaning, and installing many types of aircon equipment for homes and businesses. 

We promise to give everyone the highest quality of professional, dependable, efficient, reasonably priced, and pleasant services with a personal touch. Contact us now for the best aircon servicing and maintenance services.