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Table of Contents

Why your aircon leaking water

In places where it is hot and humid all year, air conditioning is a must-have in the summer. However, if our aircon system is in good working order, we may mistakenly overlook any essential maintenance or repairs to the system. This will cause common issues such as failure of the AC components and AC leakage.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common air conditioning leakage issues.

Five (5) Common Issues that lead to AC leaking water

Water dripping from the main unit shows that it is not functioning properly, causing your AC power to leak water. There might be a variety of factors contributing to such issues. In this section, we will explore the five most typical issues that lead to aircon leaking water:

  1. Improper installation: In the case that your air conditioning unit was recently installed and you are suffering from water leakage, the most likely source is an issue with the air conditioning installation itself. This implies that the air conditioner and the drain are not in proportion to one another. These will obstruct the passage of water from the drain pan to the outlet, preventing it from reaching the outflow. If the water is unable to move forward, it may instead flow backward or remain at the same level. Because of this, while installing the air conditioner, make sure the pipe’s height is lower than the height of the host, allowing the water to trickle down to the drain. Scheduling SingCool SG’s air conditioning installation service is simple and will ensure that your air conditioning system is installed appropriately.
  2. Clogged drain pipe: Dirt and debris may accumulate in the air conditioning unit’s drain pipe, causing it to become clogged. This will prevent the condensate from draining out via the drainage system as a result of the condensation. When the water is unable to flow outwards, it will overflow into the main air conditioning unit, causing serious damage. This will result in a leak in your air conditioning power. Cleaning your air conditioner on a regular basis, if you find it difficult to clean aircon system on a regular basis, the most convenient solution is to call SingCool SG’s skilled services to clean your air-conditioning unit.
  3. The air filter is dirty: the air conditioner filter will get stained as a result of the air conditioning system’s operation. When this happens, the airflow above the evaporator coil will be blocked, resulting in a reduction in the temperature of the coil to the point of freezing. In this particular instance, ice began to develop on the coil instead of moisture, resulting in an excessive amount of water dripping into the drain pan. Because the pan’s capacity is inadequate to retain the surplus water, the AC electricity is able to seep through the host and into the environment. Clean the air conditioner once a month to ensure that no dust or debris has gathered. You may use the communication troubleshooting guide to assist you in resolving such minor issues. Another option is to have your air conditioner repaired and maintained by the professionals at the city firm you use.
  4. Low refrigerant/gas: When aircon gas escapes, it causes the pressure within the air-conditioning machine to drop. This will cause the evaporator coil to freeze, resulting in a comparable amount of water overflowing into the drain pan.
  5. A rusted or damaged drain pan: If your aircon unit is really old, the drain pan that collects condensate is likely to be rusty or damaged. The water will not collect in this situation, but will instead seep through the host instead.