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aircon gas top up Singapore

Table of Contents

The process of replacing the refrigerant gas in an air conditioning system is referred to as aircon gas top-up. It is required when refrigerant levels fall due to leakage or evaporation. The unit’s cooling power and effectiveness may be restored by replacing the gas, guaranteeing reliable cooling and dehumidification. 

Regular maintenance and periodic petrol top-ups enable the air conditioner function optimally, increase its lifespan, and assure comfortable interior circumstances. Aircon is an essential component in practically every home. Because it is sophisticated equipment, it requires expert aircon maintenance from time to time. If your machine isn’t blowing chilly air, it might be due to a lack of aircon gas.

Your aircon does not require regular gas refills. If your cooling machine takes a long time to cool your space, it is possible that the device is dusty. Alternatively, the unit requires an aircon gas top up. However, various indicators indicate when the petrol tank is empty and it is time to refill it.

aircon gas top up Singapore

What Exactly Is A Gas Top-Up? 

An aircon gas top-up refills the refrigerant that has leaked from your aircon unit over time. When this refrigerant escapes from your aircon system, your aircon will no longer be able to properly chill a space. Aircon gas top up helps to restore the efficiency of your aircon system, ensuring that it performs as well as it did when you initially purchased or installed it. 

The gas top-up procedure entails a professional aircon servicing company removing the old refrigerant from your aircon unit and replacing it with a fresh batch. This procedure is critical for restoring your aircon’s cooling performance and preventing further leaks.

While an air conditioner utilises gas or liquid refrigerant to chill a space, these compounds are not naturally found within your house or workplace. As a result, in order for your aircon unit to continue operating effectively, a professional aircon repair business must routinely replace it with this chemical. 

A competent technician should execute the gas top-up since they can detect any leaks, rectify them and inject the right quantity of refrigerant according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

The gas utilised in air conditioning systems plays an important role in the cooling process. The following are the main purposes of the aircon gas:

5 Main Functions of Aircon Gas Top Up 

a) Heat Absorption: 

The refrigerant gas’s principal function is to absorb heat from the interior air. The refrigerant gas passes through the evaporator coil when heated air from the room is pulled into the air conditioning system. The gas absorbs heat energy from the air as it travels over the coil, causing the air to cool.

b) Heat Release: 

After collecting heat from the inside air, the refrigerant gas transports it to the air conditioner’s outside unit. The compressor compresses the gas, increasing its temperature and pressure. As a result, the absorbed heat is released into the outside air by the refrigerant.

c) Phase Transition: 

Within the aircon system, the refrigerant gas goes through a continual phase change cycle. As it passes through the system’s components, it changes from a gas to a liquid form. The refrigerant evaporates in the indoor evaporator coil during the cooling process, absorbing heat and converting into a gas. The heat is then released when it condenses back into a liquid condition in the outside condenser coil.

d) Conversion of Pressure: 

As the refrigerant gas moves through the air conditioning system, its pressure fluctuates. The compressor raises the pressure of the gas, allowing heat to escape. As a result of moving through the expansion mechanism, the pressure falls, enabling the refrigerant to dissipate and absorb heat from the inside air.

e) Effective Cooling: 

The refrigerant gas’s particular qualities allow it to efficiently transmit heat. Because refrigerants have low boiling points and high heat retention capacities, they may absorb and release significant quantities of heat during phase shifts. This feature enables the air conditioning system to properly chill the interior air.

aircon servicing Singapore

How Frequently Should I Have My Aircon Serviced and Maintained? 

It is normally suggested that you get your aircon servicing done at least once a year to maintain it in good working order. This may vary based on the brand of your aircon and the climate in which you reside. 

If you reside in a tropical area with significant humidity, such as Singapore, you should get your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year. This will aid with the prevention of mould and mildew growth inside your unit, which may create major health concerns for you and your pets if left unchecked. 

If you have an older model air conditioner, be sure you fill it off with petrol on a regular basis. 

Why Should You Contact Singcool SG? 


There are several reasons why you should choose us to service your air conditioner.

  • Completely licenced and insured
  • Professional and experienced crew
  • Service that is both quick and dependable
  • Competitive pricing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Singcool SG is the best option for high-quality air conditioner services. We provide a variety of services to keep your air conditioner functioning properly all year.

aircon gas top up

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what an aircon gas top-up is and when you might need one. Keep in mind that it is always important to remain on top of your aircon maintenance in order for it to continue running correctly for years to come! 

If you want help with your aircon, please do not hesitate to call Singcool SG. We are practical, efficient, and the ideal choice for handling your services. We actually are the finest in terms of aircon servicing, repair, and maintenance in Singapore.