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Table of Contents

How long does it take to install aircon Singapore?


In order to keep your home cool during the summer, air conditioners are effective and necessary appliances. In addition, they dehumidify and clean the air as it’s circulated. Therefore, an air conditioner shall freshen the air and regulate the temperature in your home, boosting the habitual nature of a home. Maintaining the desired room temperature will make the environment comfortable for working, sleeping as well as performing any other task. In contrast, a home that is properly aired and refreshed will not only allow for the elimination of odours but also reduce the danger of health issues. Therefore, having an air conditioner installed in your home shall create a comfortable and disease-free environment.


In Singapore where temperatures a high almost all through the year, an air conditioner is never missed appliance in any home. Although it may only take a day to install an air conditioner, the amount of time depends much on the contractor you choose and how well you are prepared for the job. For instance, air conditioners come in different makes and models having made a choice of the appliance you prefer will save time for such work. In addition, the efficiency and effectiveness of  contractor installing air conditioners will determine the installation period.



How does the contractor choice affect the installation period?

Installation fixtures

The availability of every tool and equipment necessary for carrying out aircon installation work shall have the work done within a shorter period. Air conditioners can be installed in a risky place like on top of the building. Having the right fixtures allow for safe installation devoid of injuries or other uncertain occurrences. Safety should always be observed in any work to prevent injuries and have a successful job done. Therefore, employing a contractor will be proper and the required installation tools and equipment shall have a good job within a short period.

Knowledge and experience

Doing the same thing for a longer period boosts individual skills and knowledge which allow for efficient and effective performance. Employing the services of an experienced and fully competent installation aircon contractor as advised. Having done the same thing several times before, the contractor will perform the work quickly and effectively. In case of any repair needs in the future, they shall diagnose the problem quickly and have your home cooling system working.

Apart from the contractor choice, other factors determine the aircon installation time including:

Air conditioning unit load calculation

The aircon installation contractor shall perform a load calculation to determine your home’s suitable air conditioning unit. The analysis accounts for the size, climate, orientation and shape of your home, including its square footage. The contractor shall also look at your home insulation, walls, windows and any other fixture that influence the room temperatures. In addition, shall examine any seals, leaks and existing vents and ducts. The cooling professional might employ whole house or room-to-room computations to determine the cooling system ideal for your home. Therefore, depending on the Manual J load calculations employed, the time required to install air conditioners in your home might differ.

Home size

Your home size determines the amount of work to be performed in carrying out an aircon installation. Usually, the efficiency of air conditioning units is measured in tons or quantity of heat they can expel from home. The bigger the home, the more cooling power is required to maintain the desired room temperature. However, bigger cooling systems aren’t best in every scenario. When the system is very large, it cycles on and off after a short period, wasting energy and producing loud, disruptive sounds. While too small systems constantly run and are less effective in cooling the house. Nevertheless, installing an air conditioner in a larger house might take a longer time than in smaller houses.

Therefore, the duration of installation is directly proportional to the size of the home as each room might require examination prior to installation.

House orientation

The position of your home might determine the number of appliances required to achieve the desired room temperature. For instance, if your room is facing west or east, extra capacity is required since it will be open to the evening and morning sun compared to rooms facing south or north. In addition, if your house emits an increased amount of heat, additional capacity might be required. Therefore, your room position and the heat-producing fixtures used might necessitate extra appliance application. The contractors are required to increase the number of capacitors in your home and this adds to the time required to perform the aircon installation.

Therefore, the temperature of your home determines the amount of work required to achieve the desired temperatures.