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Table of Contents

You may only give much thought to your air conditioner’s effectiveness once you receive a hefty bill. However, trying to enhance your efficiency today can not only save your utility expenses but also lengthen the life of your system. Here are some simple steps you can do to keep your machine functioning smoothly.

An efficient air conditioner is a significant advantage in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. If your air conditioner is functioning correctly, you should be comfortable without realising it is on. One of the signs of a failing system is noisy or dirty equipment. 


Why Should You Determine If Your Aircon Is Working Well?


Most people use aircon to keep their homes cool and pleasant. On hot days, you may need to depend on the aircon for lengthy periods; thus, knowing the state of your aircon’s effectiveness is critical. An inefficient unit will not sufficiently chill your home and can result in increased electricity costs. 

As a result, you should inspect your unit regularly with aircon service to verify that it is operating at peak efficiency. Here are some methods for determining if your aircon is functioning efficiently. Here are some of the top indicators that your aircon is working efficiently.

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10 Ways To Check Your Aircon’s Efficiency 


1. Check the air filters.

The first step in determining if the air conditioner is running efficiently is to inspect the air filters. When the air filters become clogged, the debris obstructs the airflow, reducing the unit’s efficiency. The aircon will have to work harder to suit the cooling demands of the house, consuming more energy. If you live in a dusty location or have a shedding pet, you should replace or clean the filters every three months. 

Suppose you are trying to remember the last time you replaced or cleaned your filters. In that case, your air conditioner may need to perform better, so scheduling your regular aircon service and maintenance will help to keep the aircon clean or replace them. This will keep your utility bills down throughout the hot season. 

2. Monitor Your Evaporator Coils:

Dirty coils might cause problems with your air conditioner. They are an essential component of your system since they collect heat from your interior air and collaborate with your condenser coil to complete the heat exchange process. Evaporator coils are often located within your air handler or linked to your furnace. If they are unclean, they increase the energy required by your air conditioner to function. The easiest method to keep them clean is to change your air filter regularly. 

All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us, and our skilled technicians will arrive at your doorstep to help you with the aircon service.

3. Keep an eye on the thermostat.

A thermostat detects the temperature in your home and instructs the air conditioner to turn on until the temperature is reached. The thermostat then leads your system to shut down. The aircon unit will only be efficient if the thermostat is efficient. Pay heed to your thermostat’s low-power alert and change the batteries. Grime can also accumulate on the thermostat, impairing its performance; therefore, dust and clean the exterior cover regularly.

You may also experience thermostat troubles as a result of its placement. It should be 5 feet away from the door and out of direct sunlight. When positioned in direct sunlight, the thermostat perceives your home temperature to be considerably higher than it is and signals the aircon to run continuously. To optimise the efficiency of your unit, have a professional install the thermostat centrally and away from heat sources.

4. Inspect The Difference In Air Temperatures 

An aircon unit in good working order will produce air that is 15-20 degrees colder than the unit’s airflow. Check the temperature at the supply register near the cooling equipment. Place the thermometer on the return vent after about five minutes. Subtract the first number from the second; your machine is working correctly if the result is 15 or above.

If your aircon produces air that is 14 degrees colder or less than the entering air, it may have a refrigerant leak or a defective filter. In any case, it’s time to contact an experienced aircon technician for aircon service and maintenance.

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5. Examine the Evaporator Coils

Even a thin coating of dust on the evaporator coils might reduce the efficiency of your unit. The evaporator coil extracts moisture and warmth from the interior to facilitate excellent air circulation. When the evaporator coils get clogged, they do not absorb as much heat, and the unit struggles to maintain the required temperature, leading to increased energy use. 

The moisture in the air might also freeze on the coil, causing the aircon to cease operating. Clean the coils using a no-rinse foam coil cleaning or hire a professional at Singcool. We will help you conveniently whether it is regular aircon service or other maintenance services you require. 

6. Check the House Insulation

Your aircon may be in good operating order, but that doesn’t imply it’s using energy effectively. Proper insulation in your walls and ceiling allow your air con to keep your living rooms as relaxed and pleasant as you like. Poor insulation implies air leakage; be sure you’re not paying to aircon your garden every month. Inspect your home’s insulation with a qualified aircon service technician.

7. Pay Attention To The Sounds

The sounds your system generates can also tell you how effectively it functions. Apart from the noise of the circulating and condensing fans, a well-functioning air conditioner should generate very little noise. However, as your system matures, it will begin to make noise.

New sounds that catch your attention are vital signs that your system isn’t working correctly. A screeching sound signals a potential fan motor failure, which leads to inefficiency.

Screaming or bubbling is another crucial sound that indicates a refrigerant leak. Your air will only chill your home if there is sufficient refrigerant. If you need aircon repair services, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you. 

8. Inspect the Blower

The aircon blower assists air flow by removing heated air from the interior and returning cold air to the vents. A defective blower will reduce an aircon’s efficiency. Throughout the season, keep an eye on your outside unit. The blower works if you hear or see the fan moving and feel some air at the top. However, if you cannot see the blower moving, it may malfunction, and you should contact an expert to identify and repair the problem. 

9. Monitor Your Run Times

Your system should cycle on and off for 15 to 20 minutes. It is normal to have two or three cycles every hour, depending on the outdoor temperature. 

Cycles that run too long are a crucial indicator of an inefficient system. In addition, short cycles may imply inefficiency, leading your system to cycle more frequently. Either of these can raise your electricity bills and strain your system.

10. Evaluate Your Maintenance Schedule

Your heating and cooling system needs regular maintenance. Indeed, many manufacturers must make it a condition of their guarantee.

While your air conditioner works, small airborne pollutants gather on components throughout the system. This restricts airflow, preventing your system from cooling correctly.

If you do not get regular expert maintenance, your system may be less efficient than it should be. Several years without maintenance affects operational efficiency dramatically. This is why aircon experts suggest you schedule your aircon servicing and maintenance accordingly. 

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Need Professional Assistance Improving the Efficiency of Your Aircon Unit?


The effectiveness of an air conditioner is affected by factors such as duct leaks, clogged air filters, incorrect thermostat settings, and dirty coils. Most of these difficulties may be avoided by scheduling regular maintenance. Tune-ups include:

  • Replacing or cleaning filthy air filters.
  • Lubricating moving components.
  • Inspecting the electrical wiring and controls.
  • Checking the drain line.
  • Cleaning the coils. 

The importance of proper aircon installation must be balanced. Choosing the suitable AC with enough cooling capacity, verifying its compatibility with the ducting, ensuring adequate airflow, and recharging it with the necessary refrigerant are all part of proper aircon installation.

If you have an ineffective aircon and require expert assistance, contact us at SingCool. Contact our knowledgeable staff now to schedule an appointment today. SingCool SG is a well-known Singaporean provider of air conditioning solutions, specialising in building, commercial, and residential aircon service, maintenance, aircon repair, and installation.