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aircon gas top up Singapore

Table of Contents

Regular aircon maintenance is required to maintain your air conditioner operational and active. The filter, coils, and fins must be cleaned regularly for the air conditioner unit to perform correctly. You cannot avoid routine aircon maintenance. If you fail to maintain it, the functionality of the aircon will gradually deteriorate. 

Air conditioning is a must-have appliance in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Many individuals may need help comprehending the intricate workings of an aircon unit. 

They also need to be made aware of the importance of air conditioner gas and the on-time replenishment method required for maintaining the air conditioner in top working order. As a result, you will need to learn more about it and its adequate power behind the maintenance and operation of the aircon equipment.

aircon gas top up singapore

What is Aircon Gas Top Up? 

Replacing the refrigerant gas in an air conditioning system is called aircon gas top-up. Air conditioners cool a room by removing heat and humidity from the air; refrigerant gas is the crucial component that allows this to happen.

Air conditioning systems may lose refrigerant over time owing to leaks or evaporation. When the refrigerant level declines, the system’s cooling capacity reduces, resulting in decreased efficiency and poor cooling efficiency. A professional can execute an aircon gas top-up to restore the air conditioner’s maximum performance.

The technician discovers any leaks in the system, fixes them if required, and then adds the correct quantity of refrigerant gas to meet the manufacturer’s suggested levels during the top-up procedure. 

This guarantees that the air conditioning system runs efficiently, effectively chilling and dehumidifying the space.

What is The Aircon Function? 

Before we go into why you might need a petrol refill, let’s review how it works. The compressor that pressurises the gas is housed in the condenser. As a result, the gas begins to heat up. Heat is exchanged with the surrounding environment, and the cooled refrigerant is pumped to the inside unit.

The evaporator within the interior unit allows the gas to grow in volume. This gas decompression has a cooling effect. The evaporator coils are cooled, and the air passing over them becomes colder.

This is a closed-loop system, and a top-up would be required only in case of a leak or maintenance. 

aircon gas top up

How often should you top up the aircon gas?

Many manufacturers recommend that you service your home’s air conditioning system every two years or so. However, other people prefer to wait until the chilly air stops blowing. However, you must address the problems with your aircon before it is too late. 

As a result, you must constantly monitor your system to avoid such issues. You may also save money by keeping these minor issues up to date. To ensure the longevity of your air conditioner, keep it clean and well-maintained.

Singapore has a plethora of petrol refilling stations. The hot and humid weather is the primary reason you should inspect your aircon system. Without it, you cannot properly breathe. You will have to keep it up once a year. If you want an everlasting service, you should contact pros to obtain essential services. 

Several aircon experts are available at Singcool SG to assist you with this situation. We are capable of resolving your issues with aircon gas top-up services. 

What do we do?


– Determine the volume of refrigerant 

– Use leak detectors to identify refrigerant leaks

– Examine the central system seal duct leakage 

– Measure the airflow via the evaporator coil

It is your responsibility to safeguard your house’s and the environment’s health. It would help if you also examine your health. For these reasons, you must regularly maintain your air conditioning system. 

The refrigerant gases are depleting the ozone layer. As a result, you cannot release it carelessly. Some firms can recycle refrigerant gases to safeguard the environment and avoid contributing to global warming. 

In Singapore, it is vital to have your air conditioner system running to stay calm throughout the hot and humid summer. The air conditioning system will remove humidity from the inside of the home, eliminating various health issues. 

As a result, you will need to service your air conditioner system every one or two years to reap the benefits. You can also prevent the growth of germs and fungus in your house this way. By replacing your air conditioning gas regularly, you can maintain the health of your home.

aircon gas top up Singapore

Signs To Look Out For Aircon Gas Top Up 


a) Evaporator coil Ice Formation

b) Inadequate Cooling 

c) Ongoing Compressor Action

d) Leaking Aircon

e) Relocation of the Aircon

f) Aircon Repair 

What Is the Importance of Gas Checking and Refilling?

If you have an aircon, you know how vital it is to keep it in good working order. Checking and replacing the air conditioning gas is part of regular maintenance. This is because the gas might escape from the system over time, leading the air conditioner to lose its cooling effectiveness. In some circumstances, this could cause compressor damage.

For this reason, it’s critical to check the gas level in your air conditioner regularly and replenish it as needed. You can help prolong the life of your air conditioner and keep it running at top efficiency by doing so. Aircon owners should always know some essential life hacks to keep their aircon unit lasting long


Keeping your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels full is critical for aircon maintenance. You can help prolong the life of your air conditioner and keep it running at top efficiency by doing so. 

If you need help filling up your air conditioning gas or run into any complications, it’s always better to contact a professional.

Always use skilled specialists like Singcool for air conditioning service and repair in Singapore. We provide dependable air conditioning maintenance across Singapore and do air conditioning servicing, repair, installation, and gas recharge. Contact us now and let us help you.