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Table of Contents

How Much Does a Split Aircon Cost to Install?


You may want to consider installing an air conditioning system in your house or office if you’re weary of the oppressive summer heat.


Yes, a reverse cycle split system might be a costly initial investment, but it can also be one of the most energy efficient methods to cool your house.

Let’s see how much money you have to spend on yourself to unwind.

This blog examines the cost of installing or changing equipment, the steps needed, and expert recommendations to help you achieve the greatest pricing, service, and performance possible.

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The split aircon, which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are linked by ducts, is the most popular form of air conditioner installed in a Singapore residence. Despite the fact that the initial aircon installation costs are greater than those of portable units, these systems are often the most cost-effective solutions in the longer term.

The price of the air conditioning units themselves, as well as the fees charged by the merchant who installed them, determine how much it will cost to build an air conditioning system.

The cost of a split air conditioner may vary from S$1,000 to S$5,000, based on the following factors:

(1) The brand and model of the aircon system

(2) Dimensions and carrying capacity (in kilowatts – see what size you need)

(3) Smart features such as sensors, eco mode, Wi-Fi and app compatibility

Factors Affecting the Cost of Aircon Installation

Each price will be different from one house to the next. Here are some of the factors that technicians take into consideration while quoting:

1. The total number of units installed, as well as the kind, size, and brand of the units.

2. The intricacy of the aircon installation – that is, how much pipe or cable is necessary, as well as where the equipment is placed in your house.

3. If necessary, improve the electrical system in your home.

A new split-system air conditioner should be installed on its own dedicated circuit, which means that some electrical work will be necessary to complete the installation of the new circuit. This will increase the cost of installation by a little amount.

air conditioner installation cost

The Aircon Installation fees depending on a variety of circumstances. Particularly noteworthy are the differences in installation costs between various installers. As a result, selecting the most qualified installer is really crucial. While low-cost installation may be your first option, you should never settle for poor quality work for a low-cost installation that may result in higher repair costs down the road.

You may start by contacting a professional installer and deciding on a date for installation after obtaining a competitive quote. SingCool SG may be the finest option for you since our team has assisted hundreds of households and businesses in Singapore with the installation of their air conditioners. All of these installations have been very well feedback. So, if you are looking for a professional installer, you can get in touch with our customer service, they will be more than happy to explain everything to you in great detail.

Locate Your Air Conditioner in the Most Effective Place

Proficient installers will provide you recommendations on where to put your air conditioners in your room and outdoors to enhance efficiency and save expenses.

Changing the position of the air conditioning unit on a regular basis is not possible due to the nature of the job. Everyone will prefer to have them hung high on the wall in a position that enables them to blow clearly over the breadth of the space. Because you normally want to minimize lengthy pipes between the interior and outside units when installing split systems, the placement of the outdoor unit is quite important, especially for split systems. In most cases, you will find three or four meters of pipe, otherwise your installation expenses may be greater.

It is preferable if your outside unit is set up against a wall or concrete foundation and is protected from the elements. Always bear in mind that the wall mounts or poly/concrete bases for your item may increase the cost of your installation. For apartments with limited outside area, a multi-split air conditioning system, which can link multiple distinct inside units to a single outdoor unit, may be a good option for you to explore.