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Reliable Aircon Gas Top Up Service in Singapore

People become irritable in hot temperatures. Given Singapore’s hot tropical climate, a gas top-up is an activity that cannot be avoided. To assist cool down the surroundings, you’ll need cool air circulating in your home. Unsealed leakages are common in scenarios involving gas refills.

You will need to get the air conditioning unit inspected if you are dealing with such a predicament. The inspection uncovers any spots where gas may have started to leak, allowing for resealing. Once this is completed, the only thing left to do is to provide gas to refuel the unit. The top-up ensures that the air conditioner returns to its original state as quickly as possible.

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Checking and Refilling Gas Is Important for Your Aircon?

A low gas volume air conditioner will not perform as efficiently as it could. You may also be putting the compressor at risk of overheating, and you may not want to keep using it because it will eventually fail.

What if I told you that leaks in the gas line might cause major issues with your compressor? It’s possible that if you don’t pay attention, your air conditioning system will break down totally. Not only that, but the condenser will be impacted as well. All of this means that if your gas leaks, you may need to replace two parts. If you ignore it, you will end up spending a lot of money in the future to repair it.

Freezing and cracking are also possible if your gas concentration is low. The evaporator coil will become ice-cold. Please call our specialists as soon as possible, as testing the gas requires the services of a skilled air-conditioning maintenance provider. Handling chemicals like Freon and Prolon necessitates caution and expertise. Please contact our hotline at +65 9449 065 for your safety assurance.

Various Types of Gas Used in Aircon System Along with Their Differences



R-410a, often known as Puron, is a relatively new gas that is utilised in air conditioners all around the world. This gas is used to chill the air in most new domestic air conditioners. Many countries have accepted it as the new standard refrigerant gas since it is an environmentally benign hydrofluorocarbon (HFC).

R-410a is a more reliable and efficient cooling gas. It’s doubtful that your air conditioner will get hot. It may also function under high pressure, lowering the risk of the air conditioner’s internal components cracking. Synthetic oil acts as a lubricant for R-410a gas, reducing wear on the system.



R-22 often referred to by brand names such as “Freon”. Although this gas is no longer widely used, it can still be found in older air conditioner models. The shift is due to its classification as a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), a gas that depletes the ozone layer. Devices that still require this refrigerant will require dry charging, which will be done by a technician. R22 gas is prone to cracking because of its low pressure. Mineral oil is required for lubrication of this refrigerant.

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