Most frequent questions and answers
Why is your Aircon Noisy?
Reasons for Noisy Aircon:

  • Banging
  • With time, the parts inside your compressor can be exposed to certain wear and tear which is pretty common as afterall, Aircon too is just an electrical machine. The parts inside start to loosen or break and therefore clash against each other resulting in a banging kind of a sound. Unbalanced indoor blower is also one of the reasons behind the Aircon making a banging sound. Worst case scenario, your Aircon will constantly let out a banging sound when your compressor itself needs replacement.

  • Clanking
  • When the compressor becomes lose and unbalanced, there often is a clanking sound produced by the Aircon. This could be a loud signal for you to replace your Aircon. A clanking sound could also indicate that the indoor blower and the outer blade have overlapped or are not rightly balanced hence hitting and overlapping with other parts of the Aircon. It is best to address these issues as soon as they occur so that further damage and expenses can be avoided.

  • Clicking
  • Ever paid attention to the faint clicking sound whenever an Aircon is turned on and then turned back off again? This faint clicking sound is common and natural but what is not good is that if this clicking sound can be heard the entire time. It could be because of a defect in the thermostat. Never ignore these defects and call an experienced technician that is us right away!

  • Buzzing
  • Hearing a buzzing sound from your Aircon can happen due to a lot of reasons. Some of which are a loose or unbalanced outdoor motor, unbalanced blower in a bad condition, loose and out of balance fan blades, copper lines rubbing against something, dirty condenser lines, need for the air filter to be changed and debris in either the indoor or the outdoor unit. An individual cannot handle the repair of an Aircon which comes with such a big list of possible defects. It’s best you call us and leave the rest in our hands. We promise to make your Aircon fit and healthy like before!

  • Humming
  • Althought not very serious, it is still an indication that there is something wrong with your Aircon. Usually a vibration is produced when there is an issue with the refrigerant you or when there is a loose part somewhere due to which there is a humming sound. Electrical issues can also be a reason for such noises. The compressor is usually the main culprit in the noise department. If there is a humming sound in the compressor and it just doesn’t start, you really need to call us to fix your Aircon and to save you from some really scary and annoying noises.

  • Squealing
  • The duct system transfers noises from the blower and the fan. These noises are almost like squeaks, squeals and rattles(horribly irritating)! Close your eyes and believe blindly that ifbyiu hear a squealing sound, it is because of the indoor and outdoor motors. These are the signs that should make your dial us while also saving yourself from some terrible noise!

  • Screaming
  • Yes, we aren’t talking about humans screaming. Aircons scream too! But why? Well, there’s only one reason why an Aircon would scream and that is because of leakage in the refrigerant. This will not only destroy your Aircon but it is also very harmful for people and things around you. The first thing that you need to do is turn off the aircon until an experienced technician that is we have a look at it.

Why is your Aircon not cold?
Reasons for Aircon not Blowing Cold Air:

  • Clogged Air Filter
  • The primary agenda of a filter is to sustain air particles from travelling through the ducts of an Aircon before they cause any damage to the entire unit. If the filter remains unserviced and unchanged for far too long, it will get clogged and obstruct the flow of cool air. There is a good chance that the evaporator coil will freeze and won’t be able to perform the function of cooling the air anymore.

  • Dirty Condenser Coils
  • At times, dirty condenser coils get filled with molds and debris thereby making it difficult for an Aircon to give out cool air. The condenser in an Aircon dissipates heat and it is mandatory for a condenser to be clean so that the heat can be dissipated outside. A dirty condenser impacts the functionality and the effectiveness of an Aircon and therefore makes air cooling a difficult task.

  • Broken compressor
  • A compressor is the main reason behind the effective cooling provided by an Aircon. If the compressor is damaged or broken, it becomes impossible for the indoor units to circulate cold air. Maintenance of a compressor must be of high priority for anybody who owns an Aircon and who wants the Aircon to run properly for a longer period of time.

  • Defective Thermostat
  • A thermostat is that part of an Aircon that helps in detecting the temperature outside and hinting the compressor about starting or stopping the cooling cycle. A problem in the thermostat will interrupt the entire cooling cycle and you won’t be able to enjoy cool air from your Aircon anymore.

  • Space oriented Aircons
  • Always buy an Aircon in accordance with the space it would be put up in. If you buy a small sized Aircon for a bigger space, cooling of that space takes longer and is a difficult process. Likewise, if you buy a big sized aircon for a small room, it will never be able to work as per it’s efficiency and will result in increased electricity bills.

  • Leaked Refrigerant
  • A leaking refrigerant is one of the reasons why your Aircon is struggling to give out cool air. Warning messages are shown to replace the refrigerant if you want to continue chilling out with your Aircon working to its full capacity.

  • Dirty Evaporator
  • The real cooling in an Aircon occurs along the surface and the fins of the evaporator therefore it becomes all the more important for the evaporator coil to be neat and clean in order to give out cool air into the room. An evaporator with debris or dirt will drop the efficiency of an Aircon to perform the cooling function and will also develop ice on itself. Immediate assistance of a professional is needed to clean the dirty evaporator. We are always available. Just pick your phones and dial us!

  • Blocked Condenser
  • A blocked Condenser means that your Aircon has stopped it’s cooling function and therefore you are not able to enjoy the cool and chill air that your Aircon once provided. It’s always better to know what is happening in your Aircon unit and to fix any arising issue in time.

Why is Your Aircon Leaking or Dripping Water?
Reasons for Aircon Leaking or Dripping Water:

  • Air leak
  • This is one of the most common reasons why water leaks from an aircon. Air that reaches the aircon is supposed to pass through the vent. But if the air does not pass through the vent, it means that there is an air leak problem with your aircon and therefore the dripping of water and the aircon not functioning optimally.
    Now, you can’t just sit and do nothing right? So, what should you do? Observe and test the equipment and check for any kind of leakage around the grates of the vent. If you see an air leak, take it as a green signal to call a technician.

  • Blocked Aircon Filter
  • A blocked aircon filter is common and happens almost in every Aircon no matter which brand you buy. A blocked filter will disrupt the flow of air into the aircon’s system. Due to this, the air freezes on the filter and when the aircon is switched off or when it reaches the desired temperature, the frozen air on the filter melts, and therefore you experience a leak in the aircon.

  • Clogged Aircon Filter
  • A clogged air filter will interrupt the airflow from reaching the evaporator which will lead to a temperature drop. Due to this, if the coil becomes too cold it will freeze. The indoor unit stops taking in air to the interior when the aircon is turned off thus resulting in the frozen air melting away or warming out. If this melted ice fills the drip tray capacity then your aircon starts leaking immediately and automatically.

  • Broken Pump
  • There is something called a condensation pump in an aircon whose main work is to prevent any kind of water leakage. This pump is present below the cooling coil. If this pump breaks down or experiences any kind of damage or discrepancy in its work, your aircon will start leaking thus increasing your work and also stress.

  • Clogging of the Drain Line
  • Whenever there is an over-accumulation of mold, dirt, fungi, and debris, the drain line gets clogged hence delaying the flow of water out of the aircon. This may lead to too much water being stocked inside the aircon thereby making it dysfunctional. What is worse os that Singapore’s weather adds on to the problem by making it worse. The inflow and outflow of water into and outside the aircon is greatly affected by the tropical climate of Singapore.

  • Improper Installation
  • The whole problem begins with the improper installation of the aircon. What you need to always take care of is that the front part is cooler than the rear end. This will ensure systematic drainage of the water which will in turn prevent water leakage and dripping of water.

    Aircon is a means of relief and we need to make sure that it remains that way and doesn’t add on to our stress. Timely care and maintenance of the aircon will make your life a lot simpler, better, and easier. You can always rely on us for timely repair and maintenance services if your aircon and enjoy our punctual and prompt services all of which are available at reasonable and affordable prices.

Why does your Aircon Compressor stopped working
Reasons for a Compressor’s Failure:
  • Dirty Coils

If your coils have dirt, debris or molds all over, then the Aircon cannot take away the heat from the room and provide cool air. In such a case, the Aircon is forced to run constantly to provide cool air to you. This puts a lot of pressure on the compressor causing it to stop working completely.

  • Blocked Suction Lines

Any kind of blockage in the section lines or in the refrigerant will reduce the cooling capacity of the entire unit. This blockage needs to be taken care of as soon as possible otherwise the compressor gets overheated and over pressurised causing for a complete breakdown of the compressor.

  • Low Refrigerant Charge

Sometimes, holes and cracks develop along the refrigerant lines of an Aircon system due to which the Aircon leaks refrigerant. Due to this, the compressor needs to work extra hard to cool your space by pumping in more refrigerant into the system. This exerts too much pressure on the compressor which gives way to the compressor shutting down.

  • Electrical Problems

There are some acids that get collected if there is any kind of electrical problem. These acids not only destroy the compressor but are also very harmful to the other parts of the system. Make sure to call the electrician and get all the parts and accessories completely checked and serviced. The presence of acids also needs to be checked.

  • Inadequate Oil Lubricant

Can you function without water and food? No, right? Similarly, an Aircon cannot function without oil. If there is insufficient oil in the Aircon, a lot of problems arise- compressor faillure being one of them. In order to know whether the system has enough oil or not, you need to keep in mind to keep checking the condition of your Aircon.

Now that we know the reasons behind the failure of a compressor, it becomes quite clear that whenever something goes wrong with your Aircon, you immediately need to call an experienced electrician or a technician. This is where we come in. Our team of experts and trained professionals are at your service. We understand every big and small bit about an Aircon and are perfectly equipped to serve any kind of repair needs. Call us and experience the best customer service ever.

Why does your Aircon blink?
Reasons for Aircon Light Blinking:
  • Electrical issues

As true for all the other things in life- too much is too bad. So when an aircon experiences too much load or when there is sudden or abnormal power withdrawal, it triggers the status light of an aircon. This happens when there are some problems with the electrical wiring or the power circuit board. Isolation testing is one way to fix the problem and needs to be done a soon as possible and by an experienced electrician or a technician. If there is a mistake in the power cable or the power circuit board, replacing or repairing the faulty part is highly recommended.

  • Lack of air circulation

There are times when an aircon is not able to circulate air properly in the room because of improper positioning of the aircon unit. Sometimes, there is also a problem with the motor of the unit. In such cases, an error message is shown in the display of the remote of the aircon unit. If there is no error message, it is a sign that you need to call an electrician or a technician.

  • Problem with the condenser

Sometimes the aircon is not able to circulate air properly if there is a problem with the condenser of the aircon. To avoid this, always make sure that you get your aircon serviced regularly, at least twice a year. Regular service avoids bigger damage and takes care of issues on time.

  • Problem with the filters

Aircon filters are responsible for supplying pure and fresh air inside the room. If these filters are not clean, then it disrupts the process of pure air being supplied to the room. There are a lot of reasons behind the clogging of these filters and therefore care should be taken to get these filters checked and serviced on time. You can either follow the instructions on the manual and clean it yourself or get it serviced by a technician.

  • Incorrect installation

Incorrect installation of an aircon can be the primary reason behind the blinking of light in an aircon. There are a few companies that hire freshers or technicians who are not trained properly in installing a particular model or so. This becomes a problem and therefore you can see the blinking light in your aircon. No matter what the reason be behind the blinking of light in your aircon, We are always there to repair any problem that may have occurred within your aircon. We have experienced and well trained who have appropriate knowledge about each model and are also well versed with the installation of the same.

Why does the Aircon Shutdown?
Reasons of why an Aircon Experiences Sudden Shut Down:
    • Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is the main component in controlling the cooling cycle as it detects the temperature outside and gives instructions to the condenser to perform it’s work. A thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of your entire space and hence it becomes absolutely necessary that it works properly. If a thermostat is faulty, it won’t be able to instruct the condenser on ehat should be done which will cause and Aircon to shut down!

    • Bad Thermostat Placement

Not just a thermostat, but almost everything in life works well if placed at the right place. A thermostat, if placed wrongly, will give inaccurate readings and cause an Aircon to not function properly which will result in a shut down. A thermostat if placed near a window receiving direct sunlight or placed beneath air vents supply getting direct airflow or place at a place that is hotter than rest of the house will definitely give inaccurate readings and cause a dramatic shut down of the Aircon.

    • Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is responsible to send pure air to your aircon unit. If it is dirty, it restricts airflow to the main unit and hence causes many problems like an Aircon shutting down, restricts cool air from reaching the room, Aircon making weird noises etc. It’s best to get your filters cleaned and services at regular intervals of time to maintain the efficiency of the Aircon unit.

    • Frozen Condenser Coils

There is a good chance that if you haven’t gotten your aircons serviced for quite sometime now then your condenser coils may have froze. This affects the cooling cycle and therefore an Aircon can shut down inappropriately and cause problems.

    • Dirty Condenser Coils

If your Aircon hasn’t been serviced for years now, your condenser coils are bound to be loaded with mold and debris and all the possible dirt. Condenser coils do the job of releasing the heat from inside your house and are located inside the outdoor Aircon unit. Your Aircon will start shutting down whenever it wants if Condenser Coils are not taken care of!

    • Oversized Air Conditioners

If you install an Aircon that either too big or too small in accordance with the size of the room, problems are sure to arise. It will reduce the efficiency and functionality of the Aircon unit and you will also see a high rise in your electricity bills. An oversized or an undersized aircon unit will reduce the lifespan of the Aircon and cause the Aircon to shutdown abruptly.

    • Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant Leak can make your Aircon unit weaker and low on refrigerant. You need a refrigerant to absorb the heat from your house and to cool down the air inside your house. If you Aircon experiences low supply of refrigerant, it makes your compressor to shut down due to low pressure. This wil inturn have a bad effect on your Aircon causingbit to shutdown without a warning!

    • Loose Cables

This is one of the issues why your Aircon can stop working. Not all wires and cables can be perfect and a few loose cables here and there are okay as long as they don’t affect the functionality of the devices. But if you experience shut down of your aircons, this too may be the reason. Therefore, it becomes absolutely important to always have a check on the wires and cables of your house to understand your device functionality better.