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cheap aircon service singapore

Table of Contents

If you find yourself drenched in sweat or your sunny days comfort threatened then perhaps it’s time you consider installing a window aircon in your unit in Singapore. However, as convenient aircon installation and servicing processes may be, it is best to of course leave it to the professionals to navigate through it. 

Although installing a window aircon is within the capabilities of most do-it-yourselfers, but it may not be an easy feat for many. There are a few factors to take into consideration before you would like to install an aircon window in your unit.

Easy Steps For Aircon Installation In Singapore:


1) Permittance First And Foremost

While most homeowners are free to install a window aircon, if you reside in an apartment, condominium, or a neighbourhood under a unique homeowners’ association, you must ensure to check with the management before investing in a window aircon unit. Some multi-level complexes do not allow window aircon installations simply due to aesthetic reasons as it may look unattractive to a building’s exterior. Not forgetting, unfortunate accidents may occur as if and when an improper aircon installation is performed, it could fall from the window, therefore, creating a safety hazard.

2) Assessing Your Window

Another factor you need to look into beforehand is on assessing your windows. Be sure to do so as not every window is well-suited for an air conditioner as most appliances like such are designed and built for a double-hung window, including a fixed upper pane and a lower pane that slides upwards and downwards. When your window only moves from side to side, and casement windows that open when tilt outwards, these air conditioners will not be an option.

Moreover, an electrical outlet that accepts three-prong plugs that is fairly close to the window will be most suitable as most window aircon units have a cord only about six feet long. An extension cord for a window aircon should never be used as this may lead to your aircon warranties being voided and presenting a fire hazard if the extension cord is not rated for appliances.

The best area for your aircon to perform well is directly inside and outside the window, or even better if it can be positioned in a shaded or partially shaded window as to when it faces direct and intense sunlight, it can decrease the unit’s efficiency by as much as 10% due to it struggling to handle all that heated air. Be sure to also note that aircon needs sufficient clearance for unimpeded airflow, so choose a window free of any trees, walls or obstruction within 20 inches of the unit on the inside or outside of the window.

3) Measurements Matter

The height and width of the window opening as well as the square footage of the room is vital to know before anything in order to choose the most suitable window air conditioner. By knowing this, the air conditioner’s packing will be able to specify both the size range of acceptable windows and the maximum square footage the unit can cool. Measuring the window can be done by opening it as far as it can go before using a tape measure to determine the inches both from side-to-side and from top to bottom. Do get a helper to hold the tip of your tape measure against the wall as you extend it to the opposite side to get the length, before repeating it on the other side of the room for the width if you don’t already know the square footage of the room you are hoping to cool.

But when the going gets tough and this is beginning to sound a bit more than you signed up for, then simply contact SingCool! Leading Singapore aircon installation and services, at SingCool, they place the highest priority on craftsmanship, ensuring to always put their customers at ease by their dedication. Offering competitive and cheap prices for aircon services, SingCool delivers the most complete solution and optimum price based on the customer’s requirements and their knowledgable recommendations. 

Before you decide to take charge of this DIY project, do consider hiring an experienced electrician instead as window air conditioners typically weigh between 50 to 100 pounds so manoeuvring in place and installing it at the window before securing it with the necessary screws would require assistance. Chances of injuring yourself and accidentally dropping the unit out of the window are high so better be safe than sorry, and contact SingCool today!